How can Busy Wills, Inc. make my life easier?


Busy Wills, Inc. makes your life easier by saving you time. In less than the time it takes to drive across town for a face-to-face meeting, you can complete a short questionnaire and be well on your way to creating an estate plan.

There are situations when being interviewed at someone else’s office is appropriate – Busy Wills, Inc. believes that estate planning is not a situation in which you benefit from attending someone else’s office. Busy Californians would rather deal with their attorneys over the telephone or internet or else receive a house call. The relevant documents are at your home or office, so Busy Wills, Inc. interviews you at the more convenient place. You cannot know which documents to bring to your attorney’s office until you know what questions will be asked. Busy Wills, Inc. streamlines the process of creating an estate plan.

Busy Wills, Inc. recognizes that time is not just money – it’s life. Save your time off for the beach.


Busy Wills, Inc. makes your life easier by minimizing your stress. You never have to leave your home or office to move the process forward. Busy Wills, Inc. is dedicated to client-oriented service.

The process of estate planning can itself be a stress-reliever. The future is uncertain and we all have concerns about how our children and other loved ones will cope as challenges arise. We may worry about what will happen if we are unable to continue to earn or are incapacitated. Even when we are not consciously thinking about these issues, they can increase our stress levels.

Here’s an example familiar to parents – how can we continue to influence our children lead purposeful lives after our death? A living trust can provide mechanisms for influencing children to do well at school and in life by incentivizing them through access to funds. In the absence of an estate plan, your barely-adult children may come into a large amount of money on your death and be broke very soon afterwards. Take control by creating an estate plan.

Are you worried about your daughter’s rocky marriage? Or about your son’s drug habits? Does one of your children tend towards depression? Are you the person they turn to when the going gets rough? Family life has its stressful moments. A well thought-out estate plan can ensure that your family continues to thrive through crises and that your wishes are carried out even after your death.

Creating an estate plan is a process of facing possible future challenges and tying up the loose ends. Instead of waiting for a crisis to arise, an estate plan puts in place the best preparation for unknown future contingencies. Once the right plan is in place, a burden is lifted. You can feel satisfied that your duties as a responsible family member are fulfilled. Your life will be easier because you have less stress – you can live every day as though it is your last.


Busy Wills, Inc. makes your life easier by dealing with legal complexities for you.

You do not have to grapple with a purely on-line computer software program which cannot provide legal advice. At Busy Wills, Inc., your estate planning documents will be drafted according to your individual circumstances and our in-depth legal knowledge.

It is a privilege to serve those we most admire – people fulfilling their responsibilities to loved ones. Busy Wills, Inc. creates estate plans for busy people in California, providing valuable advice with no hassle, at an affordable fixed price.

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